Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making the Grade

Plan your fieldtrip according to the making the grade months, in which your class can enjoy an extra 45 minutes for free and have the opportunity to challenge the students with a game of jeopardy and grade specific explorations with Dinoquest. The students explore challenges that align with the state standards for each grade.

The science center also offers a chance to watch a movie in 4-D with an additional charge of $2 per person. The movie explores the under sea life and how we can make the sea a better environment for all sea creatures.

Having Lunch

Make sure to have the students bring a bag lunch. When it comes to lunch time, take advantage of the California sun and have lunch with the students across the street at the park. The park is filled with lots of shade and trees and can be incorporated into the teaching of science. Discussions can be on the weather or even just on nature and the trees.

Reveiws of the Science Center

This was my first time to visit the Discovery Science Center and was totally enthralled with the many different stations available to the children. The learning begins before they even enter the building and continues in the lobby. My recommendation is for teachers to find the way to take their class here so that the students can experience a true hands on approach to developing scientific exploration. The various stations open the minds of the students and prove that they are eager to learn. The approach is met with open arms as the center showcases ways to get the students away from the desks and using their minds and hands when doing science.

Photos from the Discovery Science Center

Here are some photos taken while visiting the Discovery Science Center. These are some of the favorite stations we visited during our trip.

What will I do to debrief students after I have attended the field trip?

After returning from the field trip, I will debrief the students by having the students:

  • Make an illustration of their favorite station and write their accomplishments under the illustration.
  • Write a poem using the science vocabulary of what they accomplished during the field trip.
  • Print the photos from the fieldtrip and habe the students write what each are doing in each of the pictures. Place the pictures on the science board in the classroom.
  • Have the students write about what they loved about the fieldtrip and then share with the whole class.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What resource materials are available to assist my preparation, teaching?

When at the science center, the students will see a rock climbing wall and a shake shack among some of the stations that will help to illustrate the science concepts of gravity and tectonic plates. To help with teaching gravity and tectonic plates, I would reinforce any new vocabulary before going on the fieldtrip.

As I was researching the site for the fieldtrip I found some websites that were beneficial in preparing for the Discovery Science Center.

What would I need to do to adequately prepare my students before the visit (consider adaptations for English learners and students with special needs)

Before going to the Discovery Science Center, there are a few things that need to be considered and reviewed with the students.

1. Safety- Discuss with the students the importance of safety for all while visiting the science center. The students will be grouped in pairs while visiting the science center. The students need to know that they must wait their turn at each of the stations. It is also important to let the students know the locations of the restrooms.

2. There is a gift shop next to the exit. A list should be sent home to the parents to inform them of items carried in the gift shop and the prices for each item. The parents could check off the items they wanted for their child and send the money to the teacher. By doing the list, it leaves out the temptation from the students to spend their money on candy and junk food, but rather on science gadgets and science toys.

3.The students need to understand that the imporatnce of going to the science center is to have the students experience science hands on and letting their imagination run free.